Author of Rabbit Trails, Birds On A Wire & Slow Fire Burning

Tales of Courage, Friendship & Family

 I am a husband, dad, grandfather, and retired English teacher who has published a thrilling novel, a mysterious novella, and most recently a collection of eight short tales of adversity. Each has received complimentary 5-star reviews on’s Review Site. The common thread throughout is an emphasis on family, friendship, and inner courage. 



 Discover eight tales of adversity and the various types  of courage that burn deep within all of us. During our lives we might  face such concerns as bullying, health issues, safety, parenting doubts,  and physical threats that require us to be strong. This collection of  short stories brings to memory our past when each of us has at some  point behaved heroically while facing such adversities. 



 Young Jake McGee’s family and community could not explain his  grandfather’s mysterious disappearance, nor could they find him in the  hills of Northeast PA after weeks of searching. Rabbit Trails is this  young man’s stroll down Memory Lane, remembering the bullying teens endured and explaining his discoveries plus the  answers to questions that haunted him as he passed through his  adolescence wondering, “What really happened to Gramps?” 



 From Montana to Washington, D.C., espionage, romance, family, and friendship are the key  ingredients in this non-political novel involving our second  African-American U.S. President Elijah Rittenhouse, his former college  roommate Eli Parks, and Hyun Lee, a beautiful North Korean assassin  whose disdain for men makes her task of terminating Eli Parks a  pleasure.