Author of Rabbit Trails, Birds On A Wire & Slow Fire Burning

Tales of Courage, Friendship & Family


By Will Wyckoff

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January 16th: Wallenpaupack Area M.S. CRUNCH!


On Wednesday January 16th, 2019 I met with W.A.M.S. students who had enough interest in writing and storytelling that they voluntarily left their resepective lunch buddies to have lunch or CRUNCH with me! "CRUNCH" is a career-oriented lunch program. I spoke of my love for storytelling and fielded many terrific questions. Each student & their teachers received a personalized, autographed free copy of my "YA" novella RABBIT TRAILS. It is my hope that I will hear from all of you via this website


My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Nate Heinly who organized this event. I invite each of the eight middle school teachers who received my book to contact me [] . I'd truly appreciate your feedback as well!

Meet Me at 2019's HFD Flea Markets!


Why do ALL OF MY FLEA MARKET PROFITS go the HFD? It's simple. On the night of January 31st, 2008 into the wee hours of February 1st, the volunteer Hawley Fire Department fought the blaze that destroyed our neighbors' home. As you can see, through the talents of the HFD our home [right of the fire] was saved.


Each a Saturday, 2019's Flea Market dates are as follows: April 27, June 8, August 10, and September 14. It is my hope you will stop to see me, purchase any of my books, have them personalized, and thereby support our volunteeer Hawley Fire Department.


How can you resist this storyteller's smiling face? My tales are fiction but my support is real. Can't make it? Want to order for someone else? Just contact me! [] Thanks!

Also Happening April 27th (after the Flea Market) !


Join me inside Hawley's Helen Decker Blough Library!

For those who sign up in advance, the library will open at 3 p.m.   And just like a box of Crackerjack, there will be a prize inside for someone!   

A bit of storytelling and shared experiences!

More than once I've said, "Several unusual things have occurred since first I published."

Bring along with you any questions you might have.

The spontaneity of "Q & A" has become a favorite of mine.

Supporting Eating Disorder Research!

Win a Free Copy of Any of My Books!

  With the guidance of a family friend, Julia Hessling, starting today through Fathers Day (June 16th) all profits from the sale of any of my books will be donated to the DEDA.  The National Eating Disorder Association is an American non-profit organization devoted to preventing eating disorders, providing treatment referrals, and increasing the education and understanding of eating disorders, weight, and body image.  Together Julia and I hope to share some facts and clear up some misconceptions, beginning with this: Eating disorders are NOT women-only diseases.  Many males suffer as well while all ages, too, are affected.  Donations of $1 or more will be gratefully accepted.  Each dollar donated enters a donor's name into a raffle for a free copy of any of my books.  For donations of $10 or more I  will mail you (postage free) a personalized copy of any of my books.   Care to donate?  Contact either of us in person,  on Facebook, or here via my website: 


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