Author of Rabbit Trails, Birds On A Wire & Slow Fire Burning

Tales of Courage, Friendship & Family


By Will Wyckoff

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Fiction all, here are my books!



 is a collection of eight tales  regarding adversity.  These short stories will remind readers that not  every courageous act is spontaneous or public, nor does every act of  bravery involve a weapon or an impressive superpower. SLOW FIRE BURNING  embodies the admirable types of courage that burn deep inside all of us  over a period of time and brings to memory our past when each of us has  at some point behaved heroically regardless of success. 

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Rabbit Trails

 Rabbit Trails  shares the journey down Jake McGee’s Memory Lane. Now a young adult, he  recalls his community’s search for his grandfather who mysteriously  vanished in their neighboring woods. After all others gave up,  seven-year-old Jake secretly begins a six-year-long journey seeking  answers. During that time, much-needed help comes from unexpected  sources: the fifth grade girl who grows to become his best friend, the  school bully who hassles them daily, two exceptional, young teachers, an  amazing grandmother, and Artie the family basset hound. As Jake reveals  the intricacies of his adolescence, he reminds all of us of the subtle  discoveries we endured throughout our youth “back in the day”. 

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Birds on a Wire

 American spy Mitchell Dirlam knows a bullet is coming. But when? Birds On A Wire  is a romantic thriller that chronicles the dangerous, emotional roller  coaster ride of Eli and Rita Parks who thought they had found a peaceful  second chance at first love in rural Montana.

From the second  African-American President of the United States Elijah Rittenhouse, the  Parks family learns that its existence is in immediate peril. An  infuriated North Korean government has assigned Hyun Lee, a beautiful  and tenacious North Korean assassin, to avenge the actions of Mitch  Dirlam and Parks, who has been mistakenly associated with his co-worker  at the U.S. Naval Warfare Center.

At the heart of this non-political  story, an admirable, long-time friend hopes to protect his college  roommate from a North Korean operative whose disdain for men makes  killing Parks and Dirlam even more desirable. 

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