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Slow Fire Burning

 SLOW FIRE BURNING is a collection of  eight tales regarding adversity.  These short stories will remind  readers that not every courageous act is spontaneous or public, nor does  every act of bravery involve a weapon or an impressive superpower. SLOW  FIRE BURNING embodies the admirable types of courage that burn deep  inside all of us over a period of time and brings to memory our past  when each of us has at some point behaved heroically regardless of  success. 


This is my newest book.  I look forward to your reviews!  Here are others:

  • I was almost sad when these stories were over.
  • Great book! Great cover!
  • These stories leave you wanting more.
  • Excellent read...some tears...some LOL moments!
  • Some are O'Henry-like short stories ending with a twist.

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